Saturday, April 3, 2010

10 Mar 2010. Alpine - Marathon 51 km(31miles)

3 pm started from Alpine because today is still tailwind, very easy got in Marathon, a pretty small town, stayed at a guesthouse also is Warmshowers host. a lot of young guys, for me more amazing is three bikers got here just before me: an Italian and American couple and a German guy.
That German guy name is Andreas, when I was showing my photos in Asia, he recgnized Kendon who is an Austrilian guy I was riding together 1 week in Laos, he told me 9 months ago he met Kendon in Indonisia! wa! small world again!
At night I drew the young guys and Greg drew for me one on his laptop!!

9 Mar 2010. Alpine

Stayed in Alpine one more day, went to pst office ask post mark and bike shop bought a liner because I got too many times flat in Texas from the sharp plants. and the boss John gave me a pump for free thanks! At night cooked dinner for Ruth and Richard.

8 Mar 2010. camping to Alpine 78km (49miles)

In the morning was still windy but it turned to tailwind! just one night it changed too much! The place that last night I wondered is a radar station! haha. 28km got into Marfa, went to Subway to get lunch, I am so lucky, Sandra who is the Subway worker gave me her mom make Italian noodle for free thanks! Out of Marfa a 16km is a viewing area to see the mistery stars at night, had a rest and very easy got into Alpine at afternoon. almost same distance as yesterday but today is so easy just because of the wind! At post office met a lady Ruth she is also a biker, and met a local student Jordan, we talked long time, and Ruth invited us to come back to home have dinner, why not? Jordan's boyfriend Omar came, we hang out a neat night. I have already connected a host in Alpine Liz, but tonight she is not there, so Ruth let stay at her home, thanks! When Ruth was young, she and her husband traveled a lot, they a musican family, thier sons and dauthers are all good at every kind of music, amazing!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 Mar 2010, Van Horn - 2ed picnic area

7 Mar 2010, Van Horn - 2ed picnic area 84 km (52 miles)
Almost 11 am left Van Horn, today was still headwind, last night I sent an email to my host Liz in Alpine told her I could get in Alpine tonight, but it was impossible.
Out of Lobo met a couple bikers from the other way, they stayed with Liz, and they told me just in front of me about 20 miles is a German biker heading to Alpine.
Just before Valentine 2 miles, there is a Prada shop!!!! it is so so so stranger! in the middle of no where has a fashion shop! how wierd!
the road itself is not flat as I thought, and pretty windy, in Valentine I want to give a call to Liz tell her I can not arrive tonight, but there is nothing, only one gas station is closed, furtunatlly I found a tap to suplly my water.
Out of Valentine about 22 km , there is a picnic area, tonight camped there, just about 1 mile, there is a strange building looks like a airplane, what is this? and all the night is light. At night was so windy, so I put on my ear plug, I do not like put it on, because you can not know what happened outside, but the wind blew my tent was so so noisy. Then suddenly I felt earthquake! what happened??!! I took of my ear plug, wa! A train passed! this picnic area just located by a rail road! all the night 4 times!